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Tour Availability Update

GRADUAL OPENING OF PUBLIC TOURS: A brother fittingly compared the reawakening of our public activity to coming out of hibernation. We have tried to follow theocratic direction and local safety protocols in our approach. Bethel is still not open to visitors and we too are being cautious as to going ‘back to normal’ completely as of now. Following the Branch example, our approach is gradual and cautiously optimistic. We hope you like our new website look, unveiled at the same time we can unveil ourselves at congregation meetings!

MET TOURS AVAILABLE ON LIMITED BASIS: As we were allowed limited public exposure, we began renewal training tours for guides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Several new tours were developed during the lockdown and will be gradually made available. Currently, tours at The Met are being conducted for group email requests of approximately 8-12 persons based on tour guide availability.” Groups of this size may email a request (preferably with several dates) for Integrity; The Bible in American History; Bible Stories and Art for Children. But what about The Woman and Her Offspring you say?

NEW MET TOUR! Guides and participants alike have been thrilled to experience the new “Woman and Her Offspring – Phenomenon” tour. This complete revision based on the Met’s expansive collection is nearly 50% new and looks at the dramatic prophecy in Genesis 3:15 from different cultural perspectives. A Bethelite called it “a game changer” and a member of the Met staff who followed the tour said “you guys come up with some amazing stuff?” Well, you be the judge!

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: Of course, it is fruitage of the spirit too! (Gal. 5:22) Please appreciate we are all coming out of hibernation and this is a ‘gradual reopening.’ We may not be able to fulfill every group request sent via email at this time. Keep in mind, The Met is closed on Wednesdays and the best days for tours and guides are Friday and Saturday.

LIVE ONLINE VIRTUAL TOURS: Due to overwhelming requests we are excited to release two completely new and unique virtual tours. These tours will be completely free of charge and will become available for online booking soon. For more information about these tours, please visit the “Virtual Tours” page.

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