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The Horn and the Holy Ones

A multiday tour of Washington DC which highlights Daniel chapters 7 & 8, and points to the Bible’s influence on the founding fathers of the American Revolution and their subsequent development of the nation.

For over 20 years we have been conducting an exhilarating tour to Washington DC to discover some of the city’s treasures and derive as much encouragement as possible from seeing certain places and things that highlight the unerring accuracy of Bible prophecy!  Stirring examples of faithfulness by brothers and sisters, young and old, past and present, provides a powerful stimulus for us to imitate their faith in practical ways today.  The Bible is used extensively on this tour.

OPEN TOUR DATES INDIVIDUALS MAY JOIN:  Keep checking back here for Spring/Summer 2023 dates

Costs and itinerary may vary slightly based upon time of the year and other factors but as always every effort is made to keep the tours as affordable as possible for all.  Please note that once you receive information for your selected date, reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis to be fair.  Dates tend to fill up quickly.


We can arrange the same tour on other dates you may prefer, provided you have enough persons to utilize a bus.  Typically 40 is the minimum and 50 is the maximum.  Costs will depend on the size of your group and time of year.  Please fill out the form below to request more information about your specific group’s needs.

 What kind of a tour is it?

This is not a typical bus tour that drives around while you look out the window listening to narration.  It is an exciting fast-moving tour that involves a LOT OF WALKING.  The bus stops as close as possible to numerous places of interest, then we disembark to walk to these sites to see them up close and enjoy our Bible discussions.  This would be impossible to do with an automobile because parking is very difficult.  If you are the kind of person that likes tours of a Biblical nature that focuses on history and prophecy, you should benefit greatly from this program.  It is amazing to see how prophecies in Daniel and other prophetic books have been fulfilled in the United States and how these affect us today.  We also have intriguing commentary to share inside various museums and our headsets will help you to hear well.  The faith-strengthening Holocaust seminar we conduct prior to our visit to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum will prepare our minds and hearts to get the most out of the visit.  We provide a customized self-guided tour sheet because they do not allow group tours inside the museum.  This experience has been life-altering for many.        

What is the basic itinerary?

Usually we depart very early on Thursday or Friday morning depending on the length of the scheduled tour.  A lively scriptural program on the bus featuring videos and CD’s is most encouraging.  A breakfast buffet is enjoyed on the way down and a fun on-board program continues during our return.  There is no end to the things to see and do in D.C. but here are some of the things we look forward to sharing together.  Generally there is a little free time as well: 

  • Multiple Smithsonian Museum Complexes

  • The White House and several famous monuments, some while illuminated at night

  • The Newseum

  • The Museum of the Bible

  • The Library of Congress

  • The Supreme Court

  • National Holocaust Museum

Our program may vary based on the length of each tour and the exact itinerary for each trip will be posted in advance.  At times “unexpected events” during our tour may require that we alter our routing but rarely do we miss anything we planned to see. (Eccl. 9:11)  Headsets make it easy and comfortable for everyone to hear the tour program at each location.  On the return to New York, we stop at scenic Baltimore Harbor for a few hours to enjoy dinner and look around.

What is usually included?

We use a reputable bus company with new luxury coaches that have a restroom, Wi-Fi, charging stations, and complete PA system with a DVD/CD player we use during our extensive program on the bus.  The tour length is 4 days and we’ll spend 3 nights in a nice hotel near many local amenities and restaurants.  Breakfast is provided each day, including the first day en route.  Individuals may purchase their lunches and dinners as desired.  Admission to most landmarks and museums is free.  We obtain timed entry passes for you when required in advance, such as at the Holocaust Museum.  Imax and Planetarium films have a charge for each and we order and pay for these in advance when we watch a pertinent film as a group.  Travel insurance is always recommended and we strongly urge you to purchase such in advance from providers such as Travel Guard or TravelX Insurance We are not affiliated with these companies in any way but have used them ourselves for past trips all over the world.  

NOTE:  We currently do not have a provision to provide these tours for those living in and around the Washington D.C. metro area.  These tours are round trip to/from NYC.  If you are not interested in a round trip to/from NYC offering, you can still fill out the form above to be added to our Washington DC email list and you will receive all announcements regarding this tour going forward.  All news regarding these tours will go out via this channel, so should we begin offering other options for this tour, such as local hop-on/hop-off guide service, you will be informed via those email if on the list above.

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