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The Woman and Her Offspring - Part 1

From Eden to Egypt

Enjoy this brand new and unique online virtual tour completely free of charge!

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the world in many ways. One unexpected result is the way God’s people became more tech savvy with the use of Zoom video conferencing and other technology. Soon there was a plethora of virtual tours created by those who previously gave no tours of any kind. The organization gave clear reminders from time to time of the Bible principles that come into play even in these private social arrangements. We took these seriously and at no time wanted to appear to take advantage of a calamity to promote ourselves with a ‘captive’ audience.

As we slowly return to ‘normal’ it is clear that video conferencing will remain a tool many will use as a means to participate in certain events they may not otherwise enjoy. Thus we are pleased to make unique and distinctive versions of some of our existing tours available in a live, online format. These are not identical reproductions, but rather hybrid presentations that use many priceless museum artifacts that are in storage and not typically viewed by the public. Based on feedback from private showings we have done, we think you will find these enthralling and different from our on-location tours you may have taken already. Both have certain merits, we hope you’ll enjoy just as you do, different seasons in the year!

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