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The Warwick Wagon

One day round trip coach bus trips to the headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick, NY, embarking from Brooklyn Heights, NY.

What is the Warwick Wagon?

Actually it is a luxury coach with WiFi, charging stations, restroom, and equipment to play our videos and CDs which are part of our special program en-route. Experienced Oasis guides accompany you the entire time and conduct the upbuilding and fun on-board program. You cannot tour Warwick without a special advance reservation and we make these arrangements with the Branch many months in advance as well as securing the coach. At times the number of participants on a certain date may be limited and not even cover the operating costs and yet we rarely cancel a tour so as not to disappoint anyone!

When does it go?

Please click the date you are interested in to generate an email to us about that date.  Please do not click multiple dates.  If you click multiple dates and send emails for each, we will delete all requests except for the original one.  Simply click the date that is your first choice and there, you can add alternate dates in the body of the email you send us.

NOTE: If you wish to do Warwick, Wallkill & Patterson, please click THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE

What is the program like?

The departure time from Brooklyn Heights varies depending on the morning tour time Bethel assigns us, but typically it is between 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. You will be advised of the exact time about a week or two before. You can come early and have breakfast at the restaurant and use the restrooms. An encouraging and lively program is conducted on the bus on the way to Warwick and on the return.

After the 3-hour self-guided tour of Warwick, we will depart for either Warwick Village or Paramus Mall for lunch. This will depend on weather and the tour time slot we were given at Warwick. Warwick is a quaint little village with many shops and restaurants. The indoor Paramus Mall has a huge food court and dozens of stores to shop in if you prefer. Either way, both stops are enjoyable.

Typically, we return to Brooklyn late in the afternoon depending on traffic, etc., so it is best not to plan anything close to that time.

PLEASE NOTE:  Discounted parking for Oasis tour groups is available in Brooklyn Heights which you will be informed of.  If you would like a list of nearby hotels, many in walking distance, you may request a list from us.

What does it cost and what does it include?

The current cost is $75/per person (subject to change) , which includes the luxury coach with Branch recommended insurance, a mature brother who is a New York State licensed tour guide to accompany you and conduct a unique spiritually encouraging program on the bus, reserved tours for all Warwick exhibits and tours. 

We know that all of the brothers and sisters around the world who may like to visit the new world headquarters may not be able to come.  If you are able to make it, we are sure you will be enriched by the experience and be moved to “tell about it” to others who cannot come. (Psa. 48:13)  May Jehovah bless your efforts to that end!

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This tour is currently unavailable. Please check back soon for availability.

In the meantime, please feel free to learn more about this tour!

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