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Israel Traveler Information Form

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The following form is for those who have read all the information for our Israel tour, The Most Beautiful of All the Lands, and wish to submit their information to request an official reservation.

Please do not submit this form if you still have questions regarding these trips, or if you are simply seeking more information. You can email us here. and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Select Your Travel Package:

LAND/AIR Dates: Sept 17-Oct 2, 2024

     All land/air passengers must be in New York City no later than Sept 16, 2024

LAND ONLY Dates: Sept 18-Oct 1, 2024

     All land only passengers must be in Tel Aviv no later than Sept 17, 2024

Two single individuals traveling together as roommates will be on the same reservation so please enter 2 if that is your situation.

NOTE: We do not put single travelers together. If you are not traveling as a single traveler, please return to this only after you have a travel partner and select two (or more)

Is each person in your group able to walk long distances each day?

Are all in your party able to accomplish this without issue or assistance from devices or other individuals?

We often walk over 60mi (95k) during the course of the trip. The terrain is typically hilly and often rocky and uneven. Temperatures can reach 100ºF (38º C). There are no provisions for those who require mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

Traveler 1 Information

The following section should contain the primary traveler’s information. This will be the person the reservation is listed under.

Name(s) on Traveler 1's passport

Names must match EXACTLY what is on traveler’s passport

Traveler 1: Gender
Traveler 1: Date Of Birth
Traveler 1: Email address
Traveler 1: Address
Traveler 1: Passport Issue Date
Traveler 1: Passport Expiry Date
Nationality as listed on passport
Traveler 1: Emergency Contact

Please list someone as your emergency contact who is not traveling with you.

Is Traveler 1 a baptized Jehovah's Witness?*

*This is in no way a requirement to be included on our trip.

Traveler 1 currently serves as?
Please check all that apply.
Hotel Beds

The travel agency does its best to meet travelers’ requests for bed type, but ultimately the hotels fill them based on availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Single beds will be King (or 2x Twin together)

Two beds will be Twin (individual)

If you have any other requests, please place them here. This is not a space for questions. For that, please email israel@oasisbiblical.tours

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