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The Most Beautiful of All the Lands

“In that day I swore that I would bring them out of the land of Egypt to a land that I had searched out for them, one flowing with milk and honey. It was the most beautiful of all the lands.” – Ezekiel 20:6

Experience Israel with Oasis Bible Land Tours



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A Truly Unique Tour Experience

At Ezekiel 20:6, we find a phrase that was used exclusively to described only one place on earth.  As recorded there, Jehovah assured his people that he had searched and found the “the most beautiful of all the lands.”  That “promised land” encompassed all of what is today known as Israel.  As a student of the scriptures there is nowhere else on earth you can visit or explore that is as faith strengthening.

Now is your opportunity to be part of a truly unique and encouraging experience as explore Israel with Oasis Bible Land Tours.  For over 20 years, our guides have been freely escorting groups to the Bible Lands.  This cumulative research and experience of these brothers and of Meander Bible Tours in England is the basis for the tour. Israel is so rich in Bible history and lively cultures, we decided to create a comprehensive tour for all, whether you are visiting for the fist time or have been to Israel before. This distinct and thrilling tour is a full 2 weeks in length and takes in amazing places often overlooked or that require more time to visit. The comments below illustrate how much others have treasured and benefited from this tour. Many who have been to Israel before taking our tour have expressed to us that never have they been on such a wide-ranging and comprehensive tour as this.


Picture yourself standing in the exact places where Bible characters and stories you are already familiar with actually took place.

  • After the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land, what was the area like where they camped?

  • As David was on the run from Saul what conditions did he find himself in?

  • How long was the walk from Gethsemane to the Temple?

  • When Israelites ascended the steps of the Temple to present their sacrifice to Jehovah, what unique situation did they encounter?

  • Why were Jesus’ words “by no means will a stone be left here upon a stone and not be thrown down” so shocking to his audience? 

  • What is the temperature of the water in Hezekiah’s Tunnel?

  • As Elijah stood on the top of Mt. Carmel and challenged the prophets of Baal what was the view like?

  • What does floating in Dead Sea feel like on your skin?

  • As you sail on the Sea of Galilee what does it feel like to approach Tiberias by boat?

  • What was the view of the Temple like for Jesus and his apostles as they sat on the Mount of Olives?

You will not only understand the answers to these and dozens of other scenarios, you will actually experience them for yourself.  Those who have done these trips in the past agree, your Bible reading will never be the same again.  As one long time servant of Jehovah said, “Before I went to Israel I read the Bible in black and white.  Now I read it in color!”


Beginning in 1991,  we were privileged to enjoy the rich fellowship and personal training provided on many Bible Land tours by our dear Brother Emmanuel Zervides of Meander Bible Tours.  Sadly, he passed away recently.  In addition the normal “must see” sites in Israel, we have some very special arrangements for our groups visiting Israel.  We’ve also worked closely with local brothers in Israel to develop a custom tour conducted for free at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  Depending on several factors, a customized tour of the Bible Lands Museum, also in Jerusalem, may also be included as an optional stop on our trips. As with past groups, we are sure you will find these tours to be not only incredibly in depth, but extremely encouraging and faith-strengthening.  Without prior research, knowledge, and presentation, it would be virtually impossible to benefit to the full from a casual visit to these world class museums on your own.  We consider it a real privilege to make this experience possible for our groups visiting there.


A more extensive itinerary will be provided for those who actually book reservations for a trip, but below is just a small sampling the areas we’ll visit as they are referred to in the scriptures:


Oasis Biblical Tours contracts with Gate 1 Tours, a large reputable international tour operator, with whom we have constructed a totally customized tour package.  Gate 1 specializes in tours to the Middle East and they have worked with us to design our very own, unique, theocratic itinerary.  Since partnering with Gate 1, our tours have been highly successful coupling their infrastructure with our own Oasis guides, itinerary, and commentary.

Our tours are package tours scheduled for specific sets of days each year. We do not offer shorter versions of our tours, nor do we have hop-on/hop-off style tours within Israel. If you would like to be updated when we announce new tour dates please join one of our Israel tour email lists linked above to be notified.

Comments from Past Guests

“After the trip, I could not wait to read the Bible from front to back. My bible reading now has come alive, I actually read with my minds eye now. I’m so excited to do research and dig deeper into the scriptures since the tour. Thank you for giving my wife & I the memory of a lifetime.” – A. & C. R.
“Not only can I now visualize Bible accounts, my entire pattern of Bible study has changed. I am researching everything. Every person and place. The tour stirred up zeal in addition to bringing the Bible to life…I cannot thank any of you enough for the beautiful trip. The hotels, meals, itinerary – everything was perfect.” – C. S.
“We’re still trying to process all that we learned, saw and did! Not only was our tour extremely educational, we appreciated how knowledgeable our guides were. Their wit and humor definitely added to what could have been a trip only filled with tons of facts.” – L. & S. O.
“Job 42:5 says “My ears have heard about you, But now I do see you with my eyes.” This truly is how I feel about Israel. As a witness we strive to live our lives by bible principles and we’re encouraged to dig deep into our spiritual bank to find truth and understanding. Since my trip to Israel I feel like a spiritual millionaire! I could never put a price tag on the value of this trip.” – N. R.
“The benefit we derive from bible reading and meeting preparation has most definitely been enhanced, as we can see bible accounts unfolding before our eyes!.” P. & C. J.
“Your use of the reference materials provided by Jehovah’s organization encourages me to become a better student of the Bible and more specifically, “The Most Beautiful of all the Lands!” – T. A.

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