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Who We Are

Our Origin

In the 1980’s we began voluntarily helping groups visit the Bethel complexes in New York working from our Brooklyn Heights location. In 1991, we escorted our first group to the Bible Lands with Meander Bible Tours of London, EnglandMeander was the first organized tour program in England to arrange Bible-themed tours to the Bible Lands and the British Museum and London. After their early tours in 1969 they were happy to get helpful direction of the Branch Office and receive special recognition from the British Museum itself in 1971. We were honored to escort many tours to the Bible Lands with Meander over the years free of charge. With the continuous training and support of Meander, Oasis Biblical Tours followed their spiritual pattern and became the first organized tour program in the United States dedicated solely to Biblical and Theocratic History Tours.

Where have we been conducting tours?

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)
  • The Brooklyn Museum of Art (Brooklyn, NY)
  • The J.P. Getty Villa Museum (Pacific Palisades, CA)
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, OH)
  • The  Smithsonian Museum Complex, The Museum of the Bible, The Library of Congress & The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington DC)
  • The Penn Museum, The National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, & The Museum of the American Revolution (Philadelphia, PA).

Our long-standing Biblical and Theocratic History walking and bus tours take in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. A spiritually enriching tour program is conducted on board our guided bus tours to Bethel complexes in Warwick, Wallkill, Patterson, Canada Bethel & Niagara Falls.

The Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel) has always been included in our trips to Israel, but now we are working in conjunction with brothers in Israel to provide a new free tour there. It has been thrilling to conduct Bible-themed tours with enthusiastic friends to Bible Lands such as; Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Naturally, museums in those locations are also included in the tour. World conditions are not always conducive for travel to some of these lands.

Why do we conduct tours?

As we see and hear how lives are affected in a positive way by these tours, we feel very privileged to be able to share decades of painstaking research in the fields of archaeology, art, geography, and history that make them possible. That is what makes it all worthwhile! One brother wrote of his tour: “It changed my life!”

Without such help and guidance prepared in advance, it would be difficult to get the full benefit of visiting these places. And we try to provide as many tours as possible for free or at cost. We give all glory to the author of the Bible and his earthly organization for being privileged to share what our theocratic education has made possible. Otherwise, there would be no such tours!

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